Hey SKILLZ Family,

I wanted to share some great tips on the Parent SKILLZ word: ATTUNEMENT.

Be so aware of your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can anticipate their behavior choices before they happen.

When you are ‘tuned-in’ with your child, you can more easily understand how to help your child become the best version of themselves.

You will create a stronger child who is richer in confidence, which is essential to also foster independence as he/ she navigates through life.

So, how can you become more ‘attuned’ to your child in a manner that makes a difference?

I suggest you intentionally pay attention to who your child is ‘as a whole’ which includes where he or she is at physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Pay attention to your child’s ‘strengths’ and ‘areas for potential improvement’ without being vocally critical.

Notice I use the phrase ‘areas of potential improvement’ instead of ‘weaknesses’ because the goal is to identify where your child needs the most nurturing in replace of criticism.

Keep in mind, learning to be ‘attuned’ to your child takes time and effort, and is a process of trial and error…

No matter how well you know your child, there will often be mixed-signals on whether certain behaviors or characteristics are ‘strengths’ or ‘areas for potential improvement,’ so my suggestion is to do your homework on his or her stage of development as a starting point for your observations.

Also keep in mind that every child is different, and what may seem like an area where your child is falling behind does not exactly indicate your child needs immediate help or is a reason to be concerned.

After all, you are the parent, and your natural parent instincts are the true factor when helping your child become the best version he or she can be!

So, give my recommendations a try this week to help improve ATTUNEMENT with your child!

Thank you for your attention, and have fun building the Parent SKILLZ ATTUNEMENT this week!

Hope you make today a great day!