Welcome to The Extreme Academy.

Imagine all the fun of Summer Camp with your child’s E-learning fused in throughout the day.


We believe children need physical activity in order to thrive. Our E-learning hub allows students 30-45 minute work cycles followed by 30 minute brain breaks that include fun, physical activities throughout the day. Our E- learning program is offered two, three and five days a week from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In addition to offering a quiet learning environment, all of your student’s enrichment activities are included. Your student will enjoy martial arts, outdoor sports, indoor sports, time on our playground, free play, science experiments, math games, art projects, and more awesome activities during the week.
What to expect:
A quiet room for learning and lots of time for movement. Each work cycle will be followed by a period of physical activity or creative activity to allow the students mind to shift & take a break. Our learning coaches are available to assist students in staying on task & completing their assignments. We accept students from Hillsborough virtual, Florida virtual, HCPS distance learning, Connections Academy, and traditional homeschool students. It’s a true partnership between parent, child, and EYS. Parents are responsible for choosing their child’s learning path and providing materials including workbooks, digital devices, headphones, & a book.
To learn more and see if our program is right for you please call or text 813-817-5425 to schedule your one on one phone consultation.
$40 a day.
Sold 2, 3, or 5 day options
*Bundle & Save, full time 5 days at $175
Items needed daily:
iPad or lap top
Pencils, Paper, other school supplies
Book (reading time daily grades 3,4,5/reading group grade K,1,2)
AM & PM snack
Refills of water bottle
*No peanut butter or Nutella due to allergies*